Databases, Websites, Mobile Applications Designed and Completed

Following were some of the key projects Training and Research (TAR) Business Consulting completed in the area of website design, web based database design, and mobile application.

Project Name Designing and developing ActionAid web based database
Assignment Name Designed, online web based database, mobile application and post-completion services
Donor ActionAid
Partner Non
Location For all 34 provinces of Afghanistan
Contact Person Pravind Kumar
Phone Number +93 79 461 8858
Email ID

Brief Project Description:Based on the ToR of the assignment and requirements of the ActionAid Afghanistan TAR Business Consulting designed and developed the M&E system of ActionAid and developed a highly dynamic online web based database. The database was web based deployed and is accessible all over the country. The database is connected with mobile applications that have been designed by TAR Business consulting and that have been installed in the android as well as Mac phones of the ActionAid Afghanistan. The mobile applications allow ActionAid team to do data collection across the country and sent their data to the ActionAid accordingly. The data system works online as well as offline.

Project Name Developing APEDO website
Assignment Name Designed website of (APEDO) Afghanistan Peace Education and Development Organization
Donor Afghanistan Peace Education and Development Organization (APEDO)
Partner Non
Location Kabul Afghanistan
Contact Person Popal
Phone Number +93 79 886 0362
Email ID

Brief Project Description:Afghanistan Peace Education and Development Organization (APEDO) was founded in October 2012 as a registered association with Ministry of Economy as the line ministry for International and National organizations in the country. APEDO is an independent and non-partisan relief organization with the aim of providing protection and perspectives for young people and women in need of protection due to expulsion, armed conflicts, and violence. It relies on a comprehensive mix of tools, including formal and informal education, life skills, livelihoods, conflict mitigation and stabilization, and the protection of human rights. APEDO first interventions in Afghanistan was in 2014 with UNOPS under the title of “participatory urban waste collection and composting” project in Eastern province (Nangarhar) Afghanistan. APEDO has very close coordination with the stakeholders who are engaged with the IDPs and returnees in Afghanistan, these stakeholders include Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public health, Community development councils, religious leaders and community elders. APEDO is currently operating in Kabul and have its country office, where the number of IDPs and returnees are very high and the interventions from the government and non-government agencies are not sufficient, which leaves a gap and that is being filled and assisted by the APEDO on its volunteers on the ground and experts at the ministry level. APEDO is also an active member of the UN-led clusters which includes; Emergency Shelter and -Non-Food Items Cluster, GBV -sub-cluster, Protection Cluster, Health cluster and UNOCHA. The website of APEDO was designed in 2020 and it is reachable on